An Inter-generational Co-learning project was initiated in 1998 inviting secondary school students as volunteer tutors in our elder learning courses during the summer vacation. This serves a two-fold purpose: allowing the elders to acquire new and updated knowledge from the younger generation who will in turn learn directly from the seniors an active and positive attitude in facing life challenges, hence strengthening inter-generational solidarity.

Student volunteers who participate in the program will be given 2 sessions of training on understanding the needs of the elderly and will be responsible for teaching work including course design and tutoring for 6 weeks.

A survey is conducted to understand the change of image and attitude of the younger generation towards the older people after close interactions. The students are asked to complete a questionnaire prior to and after the program. Results indicate that there are significantly positive changes in both the image and attitude of the younger people towards the aged after program participation.

Training session – understanding
physical state of the elderly
Training session – learning to use
walking aids
Joint outing to the Wetland Park
Group Dance Class
Percussion Class

Computer Class